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Source data

?not yet in use
?coursefile and team variantfile, look instructions
?Extended output, include parsed csv

The execution takes from a few seconds to max. 30 seconds. It depends on how much data to check.


You need two files to transfer to the server:

The system automatically identifies from the file name which of the three versions is being checked.

Ocad files

The end result is also hajonta.lst, which can be used as a basis for making team-specific variants in the Pirilä-program.

Ocad coursefile and team variants from csv (Pirilä-format)

SportSoftware OS12 -relay program

When using the OS12-relayprogram, the last check should be done with the information in the result service program.

SportSoftware english version, OS12 relayprogram The file is generated from the OS12 program:

Example files

Github sourcecode include example files


The whole package is open source, so you can either use it command-line on your own machine or set up an online service like this service is made.

Github Viestihajonta


This is version 1, published 2022-10-06. I welcome feedback, especially if and when bugs are found. Contact - look github.

Liperi, 6 October 2022
Jukka Inkeri

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